Supporting the Basilica Heritage Foundation

Help Secure the Future of the Basilica ...



All historic structures require restoration and preservation work. This is especially true for the Basilica, given the constant challenges of the freeze-and-thaw cycles typical in St. John's winters. Over 170 years since its cornerstone was laid, the Basilica continues its legacy though the collaborative efforts of the caring people who wish to preserve and maintain it. This need to preserve and restore the Basilica is constant.

The restoration and preservation work on the Basilica is made possible by donations to the Basilica Heritage Foundation. Each year, many faithful individuals make contributions to help with projects undertaken to ensure the future of the Basilica.

Your gift may be made in honour or memory of a loved one, as a family contribution, as a business contribution, or as a personal gift. You may also donate anonymously.

All gifts will be receipted promptly and recognized in an appropriate manner. Donations may be mailed to the following address:
Basilica Heritage Foundation
200 Military Road
P.O. Box 1363
St. John's, NL A1C 5N5

The Basilica Heritage Foundation also has a Legacy Giving Program. Please find details about this new program below.

Remember • Rejoice • Restore

Why Legacy Giving?



Think for a moment about what the Basilica means to you. Has it made a difference in your life? Do you have fond memories of growing up as part of the Basilica community? Perhaps you were baptized or married here. Or maybe you found solace here when you needed it most.

To ensure that the Basilica of St. John the Baptist will continue to play a strong and vibrant role for future generations, the Basilica Heritage Foundation has implemented a Legacy Gift Program.

What is a Legacy Gift?Simply put, a Legacy Gift allows you to make a gift to the Basilica Heritage Foundation in the future without substantially affecting your income today. There are various ways in which people can make these types of deferred gifts through their estate planning. The most common is made to charity upon your death through a Will, insurance policy, or qualified retirement plan.

Your Estate Plan ...



...can ensure that you have provided for the well-being of your loved ones. Including a Legacy Gift can serve as a final message that reflects your spiritual values while helping to ensure that future generations will continue to honour the Basilica as we do today.



Legacy Giving Options ...

A Bequest is a well-known way to make a significant one-time charitable gift. The Basilica Heritage Foundation has received several bequests over the years from people wishing to preserve the sanctity and magnificence of our Basilica by naming the Foundation in their Will.



RRSP's or RIF's
Naming the Basilica Heritage Foundation as a beneficiary of one of your Registered Retirement Savings Plans or Retirement Income Funds is yet another way to play a role in securing the future of our Basilica. You may already have a beneficiary named on your RRSP's or RRIF's. Did you know that you may name more than one person and can include a charity in the list of beneficiaries?

Life Insurance Donations
The donation of a Life Insurance policy enables you to make a significant gift with lasting impact at a relatively low cost. Some Life Insurance gifts provide tax savings during your lifetime while others do so as part of your estate. Your financial advisor is the person to explain the benefits of Life Insurance donations and which option is most advantageous to you.

Publicly Listed Securities
This option provides an immediate source of revenue for the Basilica Heritage Foundation, while offering the following advantages to the donor:

  • provides a tax receipt for the full market value of the stocks you donate, and
  • exempts you from capital gains realized on the disposal of the securities.

Charitable Status

The Basilica Heritage Foundation is a registered Canadian charity established in 1998. Its mission is to raise funds for restoration, repair and conservation of the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and surrounding grounds.

Charitable Registration Number - 8715 22991 RR0001

Please note: When considering a Legacy Gift to the Basilica Heritage Foundation, we recommend independent professional advice concerning financial and taxation implications.

Our Green Heat Campaign



The Basilica of St. John the Baptist is now just past its second year of utilizing an environmentally sound new split heat pump multi-zone system. Up until 2011, the Basilica was relying on a 57 year old fired furnace and pipes that had been in place for more than a century. An engineering study shows that the old pipes would not last much longer, putting the Basilica in great risk.

The Basilica Heritage Foundation led a fundraising drive for a new energy efficient heating system. We learned that it was possible to 'go green,' creating an environmentally sound heating system to meet the great needs of the Basilica. Since installation, heating costs have dropped by 30-40%.

Funding for the new heating system came through support received from partner groups, parishioners, businesses, foundations and individual donors. The project was supported by the Green Fund of the Department of Environment and Conservation, and it was a joint effort between the Basilica of St. John the Baptist and the Archdiocese of St. John's.

Coupled with the project was a public awareness campaign to educate our partners and parishioners about environmental issues and the positive impact of going green. The old furnace gave out two months before the Green Heat system was put into use. Had that happened in the winter, it would have been catastrophic. Instead, we have a fully operational and efficient system that will serve the needs of the Basilica for years to come.